Your Choice For Dental Implants

Dental implant treatment involves surgical, restorative and laboratory elements. At Austin Dental Implants, we are able to provide all of these elements in our office.

Dr. Rudy Izzard is an experienced implantologist and sedation dentist. His partner, Dr. Robert D’Alfonso, is one of the top cosmetic and restorative dentists in Texas. Austin Dental Implants houses Great State Dental Lab, which fabricates beautiful and durable crowns, bridges and dentures. Being able to provide all dental implant services at one office saves our patients time and money. Most importantly, it helps to ensure an outstanding treatment result.

Three Reasons To Choose Dr. Izzard

1. Advanced Training in Implantology

Implantology is not a recognized specialty in dentistry. Any dentist who focuses on dental implants must pursue advanced training on their own. Dr. Izzard has sought implant training at several prestigious sites including the UT Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, the University of California in San Francisco, The Solis Institute in Los Angeles and the Zimmer Institute.  Advanced training, combined with over 20 years of experience enable Dr. Izzard to provide his patients with the best of care.

2. Efficient One-Stop Shop

Often a dental implant patient must visit more than one dentist: one for surgery and another for restorative services. Additionally, items are then sent to an offsite lab.

By providing all the services under one roof we are able to offer a better quality service and shorten the implant treatment time.Dr. Rudy Izzard

Austin Dental Implants is able to provide all implant services in one office: the surgical aspect, the restorative aspect and an in-house lab.

3. IV Sedation

We are one of the few general dental offices in the Austin area that provides IV sedation, which is very valuable for implant surgery or other significant procedures.

If you are interested in a dental office that provides personalized, comprehensive dental implant treatment, contact Austin Dental Implants today. The initial consultation and x-ray are free of charge and we would welcome the opportunity to have you as a patient.